How to Choose a REAL Practical Defensive Firearms Course


How to Choose a REAL Practical Defensive Firearms Course

There are many so-called “Practical/Defensive” firearms courses, but which one will actually train you to win a gunfight in the real world?  We believe you must train the way it’s going to happen, so you can do it when it happens.  This means any truly practical defensive firearms course must train you to deal with circumstances that actually occur in a real world gunfight.

In the previous topic (ARE YOU TRAINING FOR FAILURE?), we used research to identify seven factual circumstances in which real world gunfights occur.  Now, we can use these facts to identify which courses teach you how to shoot a firearm and which ones actually train you to survive a gunfight.

Furthermore, any “Practical/Defensive” course shouldn’t promote how well the instructor(s) can apply the techniques or his firearms background, it must be focused on how quickly their attendees can master and utilize their techniques.  Because, the instructor isn’t going to be with you, when you get into a gunfight, you’re going to there alone, and it’s going to be up to you to implement those techniques and win.

If you were looking to buy a TV, a car, or a computer, you would research it on the internet and ask questions, until you were sure, you had the right one.  When it comes to looking for a firearms course to protect your life or the lives of your loved ones, why would you do any different?

Therefore, before you choose a so-called “Practical” or “Defensive” firearms course, you need to call the provider and ask the following questions:

Fact #1 – Handguns are most frequently used.

Question: Will this course teach me how to use a handgun to win a gunfight?

Correct answer: Yes

Fact #2 – Most shootings occurred very quickly and at close range.
Question: Will this course teach me how to win a gunfight under ten feet between 2.5 and 3.5 seconds?
Correct answer: Yes

(Police dashboard video as well as practical firearms training logic validate that the average police shooting is between 2.5 and 3.5 seconds)

Fact #3 – Most law enforcement shootings occur under low light.
Question: Will this course teach me how to get accurate hits under low light conditions, when I cannot see the sights and without a flashlight?
Correct answer: Yes

Fact #4 – Multiple torso hits and headshots are required to stop an assailant.

Question: Will this course teach me how to deliver multiple torso hits and headshots?

Correct answer: Yes

Fact #5 – Physiological responses effect perception.

Question: Will this course teach me how to deliver multiple torso hits, when I have to operate under the physiological effects of “Tunnel Vision,” and I cannot see my sights?

Correct answer: Yes

Fact #6 – The use of headshots is the most effective way to stop an assailant(s).

Question: Will this course teach me how to deliver quick, accurate headshots whenever possible?

Correct answer: Yes

Fact #7 – Competitive shooting techniques are too difficult to master. 

Question: If I can successfully use these techniques at the training course, will I be able o use them on the street right away?

Correct answer: Yes

Follow up question: Can I maintain my proficiency in these techniques with only a small amount of remedial training?

Correct answer: Yes

Since research proves these facts occurred in real world gunfights, the answer to all these questions must be yes.  If that “Practical/Defensive” firearms course has truly been designed to help you survive a real-world gunfight, the techniques will enable you to get up-close, fast, and accurate; multiple torso hits, and follow up headshots, while under low light and “Tunnel Vision” conditions with minimal beginning and remedial training.  Remember, you must train the way it’s going to happen, so you can do it when it happens.

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