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WHY you need to attend

Deadly Force Incidents in churches, 1/1/1999 to 12/31/2017



  • 500+% increase
  • 1706 total
  • 617 murders
  • 943 injured
  • Locations
  • 424 inside church
  • 1011 outside church
  • Top 3 incident triggers
  • Domestic violence
  • Personal conflict
  • Robbery
  • Attackers
  • 74% single attacker
  • 26% multiple attackers

WHO needs to attend 

  • If you’ve implemented an in-house church security team or you’re thinking about implementing one, you need to attend this event.
  • Information is power. If you don’t have the researched and legally based information, your well-meaning security team are opening your church as well as your pastor, deacons, and security team personnel up to FELONY criminal prosecution and devastating FINANCIAL civil penalties not covered by your church insurance policies.

WHAT topics will be discussed 

  • Why insurance companies are limited in what they can cover. 
  • What insurance companies can/cannot cover. 
  • What questions to ask your insurance company, so they will legally cover your security team. 
  • How to ensure your security team will be covered by your insurance policies. 


  • September 7, 2019
  • 12:00 Noon

3100 S National Ave Ste 201, Springfield, MO 65807
(636) 259-0267‬
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