Do I really need CCW Insurance?

How Important is CCW Insurance??

When I was a teenager. I became interested in the combative sport of boxing. I trained for a short time with a good friend of mine who went on to be a successful amateur boxer. He told me, if you want to be a successful boxer, you have to train, train and then train some more. There is no shortcut around training, if you expect to win a fight in the ring. Also, to win a fight in the ring you have to “throw punches in bunches”. This means throw numerous punches in combinations. The accumulative effect of multiple punches will be more effective at knocking out your opponent. One of the simplest and quickest combinations is known as the 1-2-3. This is a straight left jab, followed by a straight right and then followed by a left hook.

Boxing and gun fighting are truly combative endeavors, so this same 1-2-3 combination concept can also be used when it comes to deciding whether or not you need a CCW insurance program to protect yourself and your family from the negative criminal, civil and financial after effects of winning a gun fight.

    1. Instead of throwing the straight left jab, you need to get training in when you can legally use deadly force. If you commit a criminal act, no CCW insurance program is going to keep you out of prison. They may pay for initial attorney’s costs and provide a bond, but those alone will not guarantee that you won’t go to prison.  If you are not trained in the legal use of deadly force, and based on your ignorance of the law, you committed an illegal act, you will still go to prison. So, what good will only having CCW insurance do for you?Furthermore, no CCW insurance program can pay any civil penalties or costs, if you committed a criminal act. The laws of every state prohibit anyone from insuring any criminal tort (i.e. a civil wrong).
    2. Instead of throwing the straight right, you need to get training in how to effectively use your firearm to win a gunfight. If you are not trained properly in real-world gun fighting techniques, you will lose the gunfight. So, what good will a CCW insurance program be to you if you’re dead?
    3. Instead of throwing the left hook, you purchase CCW insurance to protect yourself and your family from the possible criminal and civil aftermath of your justified use of deadly force.

This is what I referred to as the 1-2-3 knockout combination, when it comes to winning a gun fight. You got training in the legal use of deadly force, so you can use all your CCW program insurance benefits; you got training in how to win a gunfight, so you’re still alive to use all your CCW insurance program benefits to protect yourself and your family afterwards.

Remember: there is no shortcut around training, when it comes to winning a fist fight in the ring, and there is no shortcut around getting legal and personal defense firearms training, when it comes to winning a gun fight on the street, in your home or in the workplace. If it takes “punches in bunches” to knockout an opponent in the ring, let your CCW insurance program be the final punch in your 1-2-3 knock out combination to truly win a gun fight.

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