church security training

Church / Security Teams

Are you confident that you could defend the lives of you & your family in an Armed Encounter?

If you can’t with confidence answer “yes” to this question, then you owe it to your family to be properly trained!

“This IS the most important training you will ever receive”

Security Teams 

Here is an overview of the training we provide:

  • 6 step Force Continuum Lecture & Practical Exercises
  • Hostage Response Training
  • Critical incidence/Violent Response Training
  • Criminal/Civil Liability Defense
  • Basic/Violent Trauma First-Aid
  • Setting up an Information Sharing System
  • Use of Pepper Spray & Tasers
  • Security Assessment of your facility
  • Recommendations & Purchase of Equipment
  • REAL Defensive Shooting Course (Link to Description)
  • Active Shooter Room Clearing (Link to Description)
  • Active Shooter Course (Link to Description)

This training is suitable for:

  • Church Security Teams
  • School  Security
  • Corporate Security Teams
  • Business Owners & Employees
  • Bank Security Operations

Contact us for additional information.
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“Matt Canovi taught and trained our security team at church. He focuses on church safety, how to be more alert, secure and better safety procedures. Our church is much more secure than ever before. Domestic violence is the #1 cause of most shootings at churches, with his experience and background he was a wonderful fit for our church and team. Rest assure he is the right man for your church.”

– Riverview Baptist Church

“About 2 years ago I was tasked with starting our church safety/security team. Fortunately, another church local to ours had a well-established team that had received regular training from Matt Canovi. Our Safety Team has had the P.O.S.T. certified classroom training, the R.E.A.L. Defensive Course range training and the church certification range qualification courses given by Canovi and Associates. The principles learned and reinforced throughout this training have given us the confidence to deter and manage any situations that might arise at our church. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of the training we have received and recommend it as a necessary part of an effective safety/security presence at any house of worship.”

A.T., Springfield, MO”

“As the Director of Security for South Gate Baptist Church, we needed legally defendable training that would satisfy both the insurance company and the church leadership. After interviewing and researching many of the companies out there, we decided to use Canovi and Associates because they covered the legal and practical aspects of securing a church, staff, members and visitors. We chose to annually have Canovi and Associates out to train new team members and keep all existing team members up to date on the laws, to know practical ways to discreetly keep any disturbances to a minimum and yet have the confidence that all team members were trained to handle an active killer situation.”

Kent Ward

Director of Security and Safety

South Gate Baptist Church.

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