Room Clearing Course

Room Clearing CourseDo you want to know how to defendyourself in an armed encounter?"You CAN know the techniques to survive"The 4-hour PRACTICAL HANDGUN COURSE will train you in:Perform Dynamic Room Entry/Clearing for home or officeGetting quick accurate body shots on multiple...
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church security training

Church / Security Teams

Are you confident you could defend the lives of you & your family in a Church Armed Encounter?If you can't with confidence answer "yes" to this question, then you owe it to your family to be properly trained!"This IS the most...
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Bail Bonds: Practical Handgun TrainingWe are certified through the Missouri Department of Insurance to provide the required basic 24 hour Bail Bond/Recovery Agent course as well as continuing education Bail Bond/Recovery Agent courses.The Bail Bond/Recovery Agent business is an exciting...
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  Practical Handgun Course Do you want to know how to defend yourself in an armed encounter? "You CAN know the techniques to survive" The 4-hour PRACTICAL HANDGUN COURSE will train you in: Getting quick accurate shots on target Taking on multiple...
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Missouri Concealed Carry Course
Concealed Carry Course The Canovi & AssociatesMissouri Concealed Carry Training Course "Come train with the best in the business"This comprehensive course will instruct you in the following:Semi-autos & RevolversHow your Firearms operateAmmunitionFirearms SafetyCleaning your FirearmBasics of MarksmanshipMissouri Firearms lawsWhen you can...
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