Practical Handgun Course   Do you want to know how to defend yourself in an armed encounter? "You CAN know the techniques to survive" The 4-hour PRACTICAL HANDGUN COURSE will train you in: Getting quick accurate shots on target Taking on multiple assailants How to overcome a stressful situation to confidently defend yourself And much more! Practical Handgun Course STAGE 1 PRECISION SHOOTING STAGE 2 CONCEALED CARRY DRAW STAGE 3 CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT STAGE 4 MULTIPLE SHOTS FOR STOPPING POWER / MULTIPLE ASSAILANTS STAGE 5 LOW LIGHT SHOOTING AND STREET SURVIVAL GUN FIGHTING TECHNIQUES EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: 150-200 Rounds Holster (Strong side / Outside the pants only) 2 Magazines or Speed loaders Weapon (Revolver or Semiautomatic) Location: American Defense Academy Time: 4 Hours All this for only $50! Reserve your seat today! Click Here   The cost will be $50 per student with a 5-6 student per class maximum, so there will...
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Missouri Concealed Carry Course
Concealed Carry Course  The Canovi & AssociatesMissouri Concealed Carry Training Course "Come train with the best in the business"This comprehensive course will instruct you in the following:Semi-autos & RevolversHow your Firearms operateAmmunitionFirearms SafetyCleaning your FirearmBasics of MarksmanshipMissouri Firearms lawsWhen you can & can't shoot!Missouri Castle Doctrineand much more!Join Us for an exciting, fun-filled day! We keep our classes small for PERSONAL instruction & interaction!Concealed Carry Course: $40 + $11 range fee  Practical Exercise - Semiautomatic or Revolver - 20 rounds  (Any caliber)Qualification - Semiautomatic or Revolver - 20 rounds (Any caliber)=40 total roundsConcealed Carry PLUS Course: $40 + $11 range fee  POINT SHOOTING TECHNIQUEFRONT SIGHT SHOOTING TECHNIQUEQUICK THREAT STOPPING HANDGUN TECHNIQUES Tactical Practical Exercise - Semiautomatic or Revolver - 20 rounds  (Any caliber)Qualification - Semiautomatic or Revolver - 20 rounds (Any caliber)=40 total rounds Classroom portion of the training will be conducted at my classroom located in:Gunsmoke Gun Shop 8:00am - 3:00pm (Bass Pro...
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Real-life techniques to defend yourself in an armed encounter. Course for beginners & advanced Do you want to know how to defend The cost will be $50 per student with a 5-6 student per class maximum, so there will be lots of one on one personalized instruction. If you have a larger group, contact us so we can make arrangments.   STAGE 1PRECISION SHOOTING    STAGE 2CLOSE QUARTER BATTLE / MULTIPLE ASSAILANTS (CONCEALED CARRY DRAWING TECHNIQUE)   STAGE 3 MULTIPLE ASSAILANTS / MULTIPLE SHOTS FOR STOPPING POWER   STAGE 4 LOW LIGHT SHOOTING / GUN FIGHTER TECHNIQUES   STAGE 5 SHOOTING åON MOVING TARGETS STAGE 6 LIVE FIRE SCENERIOS EQUIPMENT: Holster (strong side / outside the pants only) 2 Magazines or Speed loaders Weapon (Revolver or Semiautomatic) 102 Rounds of ammunition (minimum) Time: 4 Hours
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Tactical Rifle Stance for Residential and Urban UseWyatt Erpp is supposed to have said, “In a gunfight, you have to take your time fast.” This means you must aim, but you have to aim fast in order to survive. So, it is vitally important, we utilize a shooting stance that enhances our ability to get accurate, fast hits. This can be done, when we maximize speed by minimizing movement. Research also proves that in a gunfight, you must utilize simple techniques, so they can be accomplished under the stress of a real world life threatening attack.Once again we can use research to develop a simple stance technique which maximizes speed by minimizing movement. Research from the FBI, “Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed in the Line of Duty with Firearms”, over the last twenty years clearly documents:Over 80% of police shootings occur under twenty feetOver 50% of police shootings occur during...
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Tactical .22 Caliber Rifle: a Home Defense Option?
Tactical .22 Caliber Rifle: a Home Defense Option?For decades the M16 and later the M4 style “Armalite Rifle” (AR) was the proven mainstay of our military forces and a vast number of law enforcement tactical units, even though the high velocity.223 caliber/5.56 mm bullet it fires is about the same size as a .22 caliber rifle. Then came the invention of the “Weaver” and “Picatinny” rail systems, and it enabled the user to quickly and easily install a plethora of practical defensive attachments to the rifles, so they became even more popular with the military, tactical units and to those interested on personal protection.However, about three years ago, several firearms manufacturers started marketing .22 caliber M4 style “Armalite Rifles”. This was mainly possible, because the .223 caliber/5.56 mm bullet is about the same size as a .22 caliber bullet. Originally, these rifles were marketed as a low cost practice alternative...
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Tactical Rifle Equipment for Home Protection
Tactical Rifle Equipment for Home Protection Over the last two years thousands of law abiding American citizens purchased tactical rifles of all makes and models; however, the basic M4 style (US Military Type) was the most prevalent. This rifle can be an extremely viable home defense option, if it is equipped properly. However, when it comes to equipment for the M4, the invention of the rail accessories application systems made it easy to attach a plethora of tactical tools. Some of these tools are a valuable addition to your personal defensive M4. But, how do you know what to choose? First you have to identify your specific defensive firearms needs. If your focus is home protection, you only need tools that enable you to easily maneuver and get fast, accurate, multiple hits on an assailant(s) at close distances and under low light or no light conditions, because anything else just...
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The Five Best Ways to Choose a Concealable Handgun We believe there are five basics to keep in mind, when considering looking for a concealable handgun for personal defense applications.CHOOSE A PRACTICAL CALIBERSIMPLICITYPHYSICAL STRENGTHCHOOSE A HANDGUN THAT FEELS COMFORTABLE IN YOUR HANDPRACTICAL HANDGUN CARRY1. CHOOSE A PRACTICAL CALIBER Choose a caliber with enough power to consistently penetrate the human skull and penetrate deep enough into the body to cause lethal damage (bleeding) to major organs, because when deadly force is justified, you want to stop the threat as soon as possible.What does Research tell us?A "Police Marksman Magazine" survey from 1985 - 1990 (on real police shootings) proves accurate heads shots, with .38 special and 9 mm calibers, effectively stop the threat 100% of the time; even though they do not always cause death.FBI studies (on real police shootings) also proved the only way to consistently stop a threat as soon...
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Understanding the Predator and Winning Mindset
Understanding the Predator and Winning Mindset Predators will use kindness, sympathy and compassion against you, if you let them. I saw this in person on a “Walmart” parking lot. A total stranger started walking towards me with his hand out stretched saying, “Can you help me”? Obviously, he wanted me to feel sorry for him, lower my guard, and allow him to get close to me; once I shook his hand, he would have a hold of my right hand and my right arm putting me under his control.Therefore do not be nice to strangers! Instead take a “Defensive stance”, because it is pro-active, and it projects an image of readiness to a would-be attacker. This stance requires having your feet shoulder width apart for a stable balanced fighting platform and keeping your hands up in front of your chest, so they are ready to block an attack to your...
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How to Equip Your Safe Room
Safe rooms are designed as a temporary refuge, where the occupant(s) can wait for the arrival of law enforcement personnel. However, no safe room can stop a determine attacker(s) forever. So, you must equip your safe room with the means to contact law enforcement as well as address other practical safety concerns. (more…)
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