Machine Guns for Survival
TV and movies have created a false belief in the usefulness and effectiveness of machine guns. The media depict heroes and villains alike using machine guns to spray hundreds, if not thousands, of bullets with almost pinpoint accuracy and controllability without ever reloading. This misrepresentation has fueled many questions in regards to machine guns for use in a survival application. The goal of this article is to correct this false belief and answer some of those questions.The difference between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic firearm centers on the trigger design. Simply put the trigger on a semi-automatic firearm is designed to fire one shot per one depression of the trigger. Press the trigger backwards once and the weapon fires one shot. The trigger of a fully automatic firearm is designed to fire multiple rapid shots with one depression of the trigger. Depressing the trigger backwards and holding it back allows...
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Flashlight Mounted Handguns
According to the FBI law enforcement shooting statistics, 40% to 50% of all police shootings occur under low light conditions or during dark time hours, so there’s a good chance you might need a flashlight for personal defense. The question is, will just mounting a flashlight on my handgun prepare me for a low light defensive shooting situation?Most modern semiautomatic handguns come with a “rail mount” located in front of the trigger guard and beneath the barrel, and there are several powerful and affordable lithium battery flashlights specifically designed for quick attachment to these “rail mounts”. So, getting and attaching a flashlight to your handgun is relatively easy. Most people also think that they’re killing two birds with one stone, because a mounted light enables them to keep both hands on their handgun and use a flashlight to search for threats all at the same time. However, there are problems...
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Home Defense Shotgun Ammunition
From a listener of our radio show:“I once saw a show that claimed bird shot wouldn’t go through a 2" think steak. The steak was meant to simulate the muscle on the human body. Is this true? If so why do you recommend it instead of 00. If the bird shot doesn’t go through the muscle there would be no damage to vitals just a real nasty flesh wound. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if the attacker if has enough adrenaline or is jacked up on a substance such as pcp they could still keep coming? Just trying to get some insight.”TimThanks for contacting us with your personal defense concerns, and we commend your drive to get as much insight as possible to enhance your personal defense plans.First lets address what I deduce is your main concern; how do you stop an attacker if he/she has enough adrenaline going...
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Castle Doctrine
The 2nd Amendment is the foundation of our right to self-defense. It’s a right to “…keep and bear arms…” for personal defense against criminal activity and an abusive government. There were criminals back in the late 1700's, when the original amendments to the U.S. Constitutional were created, and our founding fathers realized there would continue to be criminals in a future America. This is why they gave us the gun as the ultimate equalizer to defend our lives as well as the lives of our families and those in our communities.Remember for a hundred years or so after our Country gained its independence, there was no law enforcement between cities or States. Cities and townships had Marshalls to protect the citizens and enforce the laws within those individual jurisdictions. Later in our Country's history, County Sheriffs were utilized to protect the citizens and enforce the laws in the Counties outside...
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Lasers for Personal Defense
You’re watching a movie, and you see a police officer throw a “flash bang” distraction grenade through a window at one end of a house and simultaneously on the other end of the house a tactical entry team smashes in a door with a “battering ram” and rush in. Each officer’s rifle is up at the ready with his laser light on. With what looks like dozens of thin red lines of light flashing in multiple directions out in front of the entry team, the bad guy is arrested and handcuffed in seconds. In the tactical world this is known as a “Dynamic Entry”. This tactical maneuver was achieved by countless hours of rehearsal focused on speed, as well as overwhelming manpower and firepower. In other words the bad guy is either arrested before he can react, or he very quickly realizes he has no chance of winning a physical...
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Personal Defense Ammo
Effective home defensive ammunition involves a delicate balance between bullet penetration and expansion. If the bullet goes through the attacker or misses its intended target and strikes an interior or exterior wall, the bullet expansion should greatly reduce the changes of effective over penetration through an interior or exterior wall into an adjacent room or through and exterior wall and into an adjacent house. Bullet expansion creates two effects; it makes a larger frontal contact surface which reduces continued penetration depth, and it reduces bullet velocity. The best home defense ammunition should maximize these effects.Effective personal defensive ammunition involves another delicate balance between penetration and expansion. The bullet must penetrate deep enough to damage major internal organs without penetrating through an attacker and penetrate the thickness of a human skull for 100% stoppage of a threat. The bullet must also expand enough to increase internal damage, but it cannot expand...
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Tactics to Survive a Carjacking
Recently in the area where I live, we had a tragic incident involving a carjacking. The victim was shot, so we felt the need to discuss some tactics to help survive a carjack.First of all, avoid it. Maintain your situational awareness. If something doesn't look right, don't go there. Listen to news casts before leaving your home, in case there's some civil unrest in a certain area of town. This will give you the ability to avoid that area(s). Stay tuned in to local crime stats that you can find on most local law enforcement websites. This will help you identify areas of concern, where carjacking are more prevalent or there's an increased criminal activity.Second, run whenever possible. Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. You should always be able to see the bottom of the rear wheels on the vehicle in front...
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Six Secrets to Choosing a Concealed Carry Holster
According to "Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted" from 2002-2011 (Table #36) research compiled by the FBI, 40% for all US Law Enforcement shootings occur under five feet and 76% occur under 10 feet. At those distances, any shooting is going to happen fast, so quick access to a personal defense firearm is crucial to your survival. This is why it is so important to obtain the right personal defense carry holster.Using the following secret tips will greatly assist you in your efforts in obtaining the right concealed carry holster.Always use a holster designed for and properly fits your handgun.Don’t try to save a few dollars by putting your new gun into your old holster or buy one of those one holster fits all rigs, since it’s not make for your new gun it may hinder quick access to safeties or the grip. Statistics prove, a gunfight is going to...
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Permit Carry vs Permit-less Carry
Folks Forrest Gump said "...stupid is as stupid does."On January 1st of 2017 the Missouri legislature allowed citizens to carry concealed firearms without the training and education provided by a CCW permit.On Jan. 24th a 23 year old man carrying a concealed handgun fired seven shots at a fleeing man who had stolen his cell phone. He hit the thief once in the foot. When the police arrived and asked him why he did what he did, the 23-year old man said I thought the new Missouri law said I could. This man was untrained, uneducated and unprepared to defend himself or his family.This 23 year old man was arrested and charged with assault 1st degree; a class A felony punishable by 10 years in prison and the felony of armed criminal action punishable by three years in prison.This man was untrained uneducated and unprepared for personal defense, so he...
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